The BlaxtTract Club

In an industry often dominated by individual artistic identity and personal brand, the BlaxTract club is emerging as a refreshing new collective focused on the art itself rather than the tattooists’ egos. Dedicated exclusively to abstract tattooing, this burgeoning association aims to unite artists who share a passion for this innovative and expressive art form.

A New Direction in Tattoo Culture

The BlaxTract club is steering clear of the traditional focus on the tattooist’s personal brand. Instead, it’s all about the movement—abstract tattooing in all its diverse, experimental, and boundary-pushing forms. By fostering a community that prioritizes artistic collaboration over individual acclaim, BlaxTract is setting the stage for a more inclusive and dynamic approach to tattoo artistry.

Building a Strong, Active Association

At the heart of BlaxTract is a commitment to creating a supportive and active network of abstract tattoo artists. The club seeks to provide a platform for members to share their work, exchange ideas, and collaborate on projects. Regular meetups, workshops, and exhibitions will ensure that members have ample opportunities to connect and grow together.

Encouraging Original Ideas and Projects

BlaxTract also seeks to push boundaries by encouraging members to suggest original ideas, engage in discussions, and develop unique projects. One potential initiative is the creation of an Abstract Lexicon (suggested by Olivier Poinsignon), which could serve as a foundational document for the movement. Additionally, the Club aims to document the emergence and evolution of abstract tattooing through written works and research. To further solidify its presence, BlaxTract ideally plans to organize physical meetings and participate in tattoo conventions, providing members with opportunities to showcase their work and connect with the broader tattoo community.

Introducing BlaxTract Ambassadors

To ensure that the club maintains its focus and integrity, a group of BlaxTract Ambassadors—experienced and passionate abstract tattooists—will play a crucial role in the membership selection process. These ambassadors will help vet prospective members to ensure they are genuinely dedicated to abstract tattooing, not merely chasing the latest trend. This careful selection process might seem elitist, but it is essential for preserving the club’s core values and preventing any dilution of its mission.

Join the Movement

If you’re an abstract tattoo artist looking to be part of a community that values art over ego, the BlaxTract club is the place for you. By joining, you’ll become part of a collective that is dedicated to advancing abstract tattooing and fostering a collaborative and supportive environment.

For more information on how to join or support the BlaxTract club, please be patient details are coming soon ! (Here and on our Instagram page, make sure to follow and activate the notification bell !)


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