Abstract tattoo gallery from Andreas Blc

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Andreas Blc (@andreas.blc_emts on Instagram) is tattooing in Athens, in Greece, find him on the map HERE.

Blax: What is your background ?

Andreas: My artistic background includes two years of Fine Arts studies and also studies in Comics.
I decided to do tattoos, because when I received one of my tattoos I felt a change in psychology and something new and very refreshing hit me up. So, after this and also by seeing how the artist felt about his creation, I said to myself that I really want to feel and to give people the same feeling. 
When I do abstract I like to book one full day appointment for each person, and through conversation and ideas we end up to the final piece, which I always want to ”fit” with the personality, the body flow and the feelings of each individual.It may be a strict piece or something completely abstract using different techniques! 

You will find here a gallery of tattoos and digital concepts that he created:

Andreas particularly enjoys tattoos that flows with the upper body and arms. Moreover, both vertical and horizontal lines end up finding a natural position, embracing with grave the body shape.

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