An energetic tattooing connection with Lera Vazyukina.

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Please discover this well illustrated interview about the way Lera (@vazyukinatattooing on instagram) creates her tattoos.

Blax: Can you briefly present yourself ?

My name is Lera Vazyukina, I am a tattoo artist from Russia. I live and work in the city of Kazan, I also travel around Russia, with plans to go abroad.

I am in the tattoo industry since 4 years, and I came to my current style a year and a half ago.

Blax: Abstraction, why is it?

It is Love. Love is in the process and creating a new one, not even knowing how it will run out. This is a dialogue from the soul. A quiet or impetuous conversation, depending on the state of the artist. There are a lot of questions and analyses of life and I want to write this on canvas.

If we consider an abstract tattoo, then everything is the same. A tattoo is an energetic connection with a person, it is filling with love and a pleasant wave of healing for him.

This is a kind of shamanism (ritual): in the process, a person can say the intention for what he is making a tattoo.
Therefore, it is important for me to create sketches and pump them with love and awe for a person.

Sketching is a very enjoyable process. It is important to be here and now.

Feeling the movement of the brush, the surface of the leaf, the smell of mascara and the sounds that surround me. I create sketches of plants and bird feathers, a very interesting texture comes out.

How the idea came to me? It happened in the process after entering mediation, inspiration came to me. I took branches and leaves, dipped them in ink and began to draw lines. It was the most unforgettable state, after that I laughed for a long time, there was a powerful splash.

The idea is simple:
To make the tattoo emphasizes a person, to show the smoothness of his nature or passion for life – these will be jerky lines.

It looks beautiful on any part of the body.

It is important to place the lines in order to emphasize the body.

How do you proceed ?

To create a sketch either freehand, the client has to answer a couple of questions. In order for me to better understand what suits a person.

If a person has something to tell or share an idea, then I am always open to this.

It’s about trust, about giving yourself up to me. When a Client says “I trust you, create” – it’s just super.

To be a guide for a person to a new reality. The tattoo done gives new sensations, the person is already different, his body has become different. Well, that means the outside world is also different.

This makes me happy.

Gallery of available digital tattoo concepts:

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