An intimate conversation through Helen Blumenfeld Abstract art

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Blax: What is Abstract Art and/or Abstract Tattooing for you?

Helen: I see abstract drawing as one of the most immediate connections between my heart and head at the moment in time that I do the drawing. Drawing in general for me serves the same purpose as speaking, but without having to use words. When I draw intuitively, I oftentimes discover things about my mental state that would otherwise be clouded by thoughts, concepts and words. So abstract expression is like a deep dive into my mental state. Abstract tattooing is like a dialogue with another person. When other humans see my drawings and immediately feel a connection it usually happens without words. Sometimes they can’t even name why they are drawn to one of my works. And that’s the beauty of it. I take one of my own feelings and give it to another person – and then it becomes part of their life history. And maybe I’ll be free from this particular feelings from now on.

Blax: Can you describe this particular tattoo concept?
What did you want to convey with this tattoo ?
Is there a “therapeutic” perspective?

Helen: This is part of a series of ink and watercolor paintings that I did shortly before the April to May shutdown ended in my region of Germany. During this shutdown (basically during all of them) I felt really disconnected from myself and from my inner world. I couldn’t create because of all the anxiety connected to the Covid situation and I felt like I was trapped in a thick dark blanket of confusion.

When it became obvious that the shutdown was about to end I felt great waves of relief and all of my need to create came back in a big sweep. It was a great feeling. This particular drawing reminds me of the sea and hope and lightness – everything that I couldn’t feel while in the midst of shutdown.

Blax: Do you have a preferred size and body location for these tattoos ?

Helen: No, I don’t. It’s not my tattoo, you know? The person receiving the tattoo will know best which part of their own body feels right. Sometimes the person I’m working with has trouble deciding, then we test out several different locations and sizes until it feels right. They’ll know when it feels right.
But what I can say is that I’m always happy when the person receiving is not in too much pain. But then again pain tolerance really varies from person to person and day to day. So no, no preferred placement by me.

Blax: What should people know before contacting you?

Helen: Trust the process. And also trust me – I know what I’m doing.

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