The abstraction creative process for personalized tattoos, by Arkhip Znakov.

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Arkhip Znakov WAS a tattoo artist from Kazan, in Russia.
He quit tattooing, but I am keeping this page to show his vision of abstract tattooing and the way he creates art. Please read, and discover a nice and complete creative mind, with some great pictures illustrating Arkhip’s work. I am confident, he’ll do good, even if it is not in the abstract tattoo community.

“ Hello!
My name is Arkhip Znakov,

Arm abstract blackwork tattoo by Arkhip Znakov on a sexy man.

I’m an artist AND a tattoo artist. I make abstract tattoos and only non-figurative ones, because that’s, in my humble opinion, the only way to make a tattoo which is out of frame of time. And it means that the one who wears it should not regret such important decision. Abstraction and what you see in it is the reflection of your true and actual self: the more you understand yourself – the more you see in it.

I love it because I know what it is to make “wrong” choices when you choose a concept for your future tattoo. And I definitely want to teach people to look at themselves and understand that the greatest idea is to make something “meaningless” for keeping an option of giving a new and actual meaning whenever it needs to (if it does).

My sessions are some sort of a therapy for a client, I guess. It doesn’t matter what you were thinking of or what was your emotional state when you came to me – I’ll help you open the door to access your natural self.

Abstract tattoo and artistic picture on a leg, ankle of a woman.

Usually, I work with the character of a person, not an image: we meet a couple of times, try to communicate as sincerely as possible in order to find out why our beloved Universe faced each of us to the other. We talk, walk, eat, draw together trying to find our common vision of Life in general, I think.

The best way for me to see what a person feels like – and who he/she is – is to live with this person for a couple of days and look closely on the life he/she lives.

We make some sketches and when together we find out the most appropriate design I make an appointment and start to make art. Freehand, of course!

Black abstract tattoo on arms of a man

Each person is unique, so is the design we make together. Some persones come for some minimalism and the tattoo they get is simple and small; some want to make a sleeve or two of them; some want a “necklace” and so on. I give people what they want and what THEY ARE. And I love it when they love it (themselves). Sometimes I talk to a man who really does not want a tattoo and help him to find this out. I think that every responsible tattoo artist must do the same. Money can’t buy you love. You are what you give 🤍

It is rarely happening when I make a tattoo using a prepared free sketch, but if the one who chose it really thinks it fits him perfectly – that’s not a problem for me. And if someone knows exactly what shape is the shape of his soul I work with references too. But it is always freehand !”

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