The BlaxtTract Club

BlaxTract Club: Advancing the Abstract Tattoo Movement

The BlaxTract club is a new collective focused on the art of abstract tattooing, prioritizing artistic collaboration over individual acclaim. By building a network of dedicated and passionate abstract tattoo artists, BlaxTract aims to push the boundaries of the movement through original ideas, discussions, and projects. Key initiatives include creating an Abstract Lexicon and documenting the emergence of abstract tattooing. BlaxTract Ambassadors will ensure membership integrity, and the club plans to organize meetings and participate in tattoo conventions. Join BlaxTract to be part of a community dedicated to advancing the art of abstract tattooing.

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Embracing Abstract Tattooing: A Journey Beyond the Figurative

Abstract tattooing explores creativity beyond traditional boundaries, focusing on shapes, colors, and forms rather than direct representations. It emphasizes the subjective interpretations and unique creative processes of both the artist and the client, celebrating their collaborative journey from concept to completion.

Welcome to the BlaxTract Club

blaxtractattoos has a new face, a new Brain, a new philosophy and new goals! To do that, we will try to become better and stronger …