The abstract body decoration process from Amarinvi

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I discovered Alba Mariné (@amarinvi instagram link) thanks to the nice, intuitive and simple abstract compositions that she shares on Instagram. She represents a fluid way of creation, illustrating perfectly how well-nuanced black patterns can embrace and highlight human’s body.
She accepted to answer few questions, presenting her creative process:

Where did Amarinvi come from?

I have always liked to draw. From a very young age, I spent the afternoons coloring books. And I have always been very clear that my world is art.

As a teenager, I had concerns about the world of tattoos and about the transformation of the body through artistic techniques. But at the time, the option to study makeup and FX was not viable. And the option of the tattoo could mean a heart attack in a member of my family. The vision that was had at that time of tattoos, this is far from the one we have now.

So I started Fine Arts. This was one of the most beautiful stages of my life. And an artistic soaking that you can’t even imagine. In the middle of my career, the possibility of studying artistic makeup and FX increased and I began to choose all the possible subjects aimed at this field.

Finally, 1 year and a half later, I was studying artistic makeup and FX. But contacts and money are needed in this world so 4 years later I gave up.

In the summer of 2019, I found a tattoo course and if I’m honest, I started the course very excited about dusting off colors but without any further pretense. A few months later, a stretcher came to me like a fall from the sky. And today, I can say that I have a small and modest tattoo studio set up at home. Who was going to tell me? I thought that this was a sign and that so much artistic journey had to be useful for tattooing. So here I am, practicing tattoo and learning more about this wonderful world which I love.

Now that I have landed in the world of tattoos, this is the most abstract period of my entire professional career: this is the clearest way in which I understand tattoos.


Because nobody is the same person as they were 10, 5 or 1 year ago or even 1 minute ago… Human beings are complex; we constantly evolve and within this evolution changes appear: changes in ourselves, in the way we understand the world, in how we interact with it, with what surrounds us, with the people we meet throughout life and the experiences we have. And, with so many changes, it is easy for us to get tired of those tattoos that once were full of meanings and feelings. More and more clients come to me asking me to cover up those tattoos that no longer represent them… All this, in addition to my artistic experience make me understand the tattoo as something abstract, clearly a decoration of the body that plays with its shapes and movements.

Your Creative Process ?

An example of the preparation process of a tattoo creative process by Amarinvi.

Your tattoo concept?

I have two different ways of working, commissions and my personal projects when I throw out tattoo ideas. In both cases, the processes are quite intuitive:

First, I like to have a short discussion with the clients about the tattoo and about whatever else, to make the process more intimate and personalized. This helps me to better understand clients and to know what they might like the most. We chat about the location where they want to have their tattoo, the strokes, spots and lines… At this point, I make sketches and talk to them again to be sure about the final result.

Then, when it comes to small areas of the body, the composition is printed, copied on the skin and tattooed. In bigger areas of the body or where we can find many curves or volumes, I do this by freehand drawing directly on to the skin and from there, do the tattoo.

For personal projects, I mostly use my intuition. I often work with ink on paper, tracing with brushes and paintbrushes, dripping, with nature prints or even elements that may be interesting to me.

And from these compositions, I create digital concepts, trying to match compositions and body location and shapes, as if it were a puzzle.

Sometimes, I use my own body as a canvas and through body painting techniques, I create compositions and dance sketches and videos that I release to the public as ideas for potential tattoos.

What do you want to give and/or pass on to your clients?

There are many people who have always wanted a tattoo but do not dare to do it, often because of the pressure involved in choosing a tattoo that expresses the right meaning; this is especially because a lot of clients understand tattoos in their most illustrative form.

What I’d like to give them is simplicity in making decisions about a tattoo so that they feel more comfortable and free. Moreover, I’d like them to understand that an abstract tattoo is beautiful, too, and that it could even look better on the body. That’s why, for me, the tattoo is linked with something aesthetic, without concrete meanings or emotional charges. It makes it easier to be proud of a tattoo for a longer time, in all the stages of life we pass through.

Do you have a preferred body location?

Legs, arms and chest from shoulder to shoulder.

What should people know when they contact you ?

I also have my figurative side and I don’t mind working on this line of orders. In fact, in some compositions I use figurative elements taken from nature, such as an impression of tree leaves. It’s like a mix between abstract tattoos and botanical tattoo.

Thank you for reading!
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