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Let’s be honest, I admire so much An’s tattoos (instagram link), I am impressed by all the pieces she creates ! (For me, at least) The flow and the nuances that arises have something beyond beauty! Please read those few lines about her process, but mostly, go on her instagram page to feed your hunger and give her a piece of your meat, you deserved it !

Blax: Can you briefly describe yourself ?

Hi! I am An,I live and tattoo in Taiwan. I love artistic creation and continue to create art work of printmaking and ink painting. My tattoo style could be described as ink painting. I like free and powerful black brushes and I only use black and white.

Blax: What is Abstract Art and/or Abstract Tattooing for you ?

@un.authorized_tattoo: To me it is freedom, resistance, destruction, local, and abstraction. The migration of ink painting means Eastern culture, religion and abstraction. Combining the power and flow with the human body is the ultimate creation of abstract art.

Blax: Can you describe a tattoo concept? (Why and how did you develop it? Conceptually, what is the idea behind it ? Technically, how did it happen (preparation, process, tattooing)?

@un.authorized_tattoo: My favorite way of is a wide range of black ink. It originates from conceptual and abstract ink painting. I like to use different ink textures. Most of the tattoos are first created on paper and then they are printed free hand. But I also create by only doing free hand with brushes directly on the body.

Blax: What did you want to convey with this tattoo ? What do you want to give to people, to “teach”, to make them realize or transmit? (is there a “therapeutic” perspective?)

@un.authorized_tattoo: Tattoo also is an artistic creation. And my creation is mostly for feelings: Different people have different feelings, so the tattoos will also different.

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