The OBJECTS tattoo creative concept by Heloïse Florent

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Heloïse Florent (Instagram Link) is currently based in Berlin, you can find her on our tattooist map, Here. She has an original tattooing concept, in which she uses Objects to draw. I’ve been amazed by her art since I discovered her page! She accepted to answer few questions on this original creative concept with some illustrations from the Clitoris piece she did for Marilou.

Blax: What is the Object Concept?

@heloise_florent: I use your Object as a brush to create an abstract movement. The idea is that you got a hidden meaning in this abstract piece, related to the object you bring, giving you the opportunity to decorrelate meaning and appearance. 

Blax: What does a session look like? 

@heloise_florent: You come to my private studio with an object you choose, or you pick up randomly. After getting to know each other I will draw with it. Only after drawing we will decide together the best size and placement, as the interaction with the body is most of the time a magical moment, where the beauty of the design really appears, following the body curves and movement.

Blax: What about Tattoo size and placement?

@heloise_florent: I like to make big tattoos, as I don’t want them to look like small stamps. I want them to follow the body curves. I don’t have a preferred placement.

Blax: Your ideal client?

@heloise_florent: Someone who trust that they contacted the right artist, let me 100% free, and accept the small imperfections of the design, as a reflexion of the imperfections of life. My designs are really spontaneous, I have myself no idea how they will look like, so I want people to be very open and trustful.

Blax: Your opinion about tattoo as Art or Craft?

@heloise_florent: I am an Artist who creates abstract designs, and a Craftwoman who is able to reproduce them on skin. Tattoos are even more than a piece of Art, because it is remove from the market, you can invest in art, but not in tattoos. This is a anticapitalistic piece of Art. You own your body, so you own your tattoos. Getting tattooed is for me more of an healing process than buying art. It’s a shamanic work, and we are here to help you with your connection to your body, hopefully making you love your body even more. We do that through pain, deepening your connection to this material realm, also helping you to accept all the aspect of this incarnation. You choose your tattoo artist for graphic & aesthetic reason, but you choose to get tattoo for something deeper than Art.

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