The tattoo expressionism of Esteban (@esteban_ourscargot)

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I discovered Esteban (Instagram link) few months ago, and I was shocked by the quality and the creativity of the tattoos he creates. I am now following very closely every new piece of tattooing that he produces. Here, I am delighted to offer you a short description of his creative world, illustrated by different black abstract tattoos he did.

Blax: Who is @Esteban.ourscargot ?

Global tattoo on the woman's body: the circle of the tattoo covers the arm, the leg, the bottom and the back.

Esteban is an emerging artist in the world of tattooing. With his singular universe, he explores the abstract in order to highlight the creative potential of those he collaborates with.

Blax: What is his creative tattoo concept ?

Arm, shoulder and chest tattoo on a woman.

To place the clients at the center of a whole that allows them to become actors of this common creation, free of any judgment, where intention becomes more important than the aesthetic relationship.

Esteban seeks to understand the deep meaning that you wish to put into this great symbolism that the tattoo represents. This is a deep, liberating work, a moment of symbiosis between the tattoo artist and the tattooed person.

He creates most of his works by improvising the motif freehand, thanks to the mastery of different techniques and concepts to best illustrate the intention of his client.

It is through pareidolia, an ode to a poetic and organic universe, that his art expresses this play of imagination on the reality that surrounds us, to give your own meaning to the abstract.

Big blackwork tatto on the back of the client.

Blax: Does he have a favorite tattoo size ?

He likes to working on a big tattoo pieces: not especially to fill up the body with ink but to have the possibility to work with body shapes and lines.

Blax: What is his “ideal client” ?

His ideal client is somebody who allows him to let creativity goes without constraints. For Esteban, it is important that people let him know their intentions and to take all the Time needed in order to be both in Harmony about it … and then, let him do…

Here is a demonstration of different pieces tattooed on arms from Esteban:

Blax: About the price ?

100 euro per hour but when it is a very big project I can propose special and ethic price because I consider that the customer offers me something as in return.

The Video creation process of the “à corps perdus” piece is visible on the Youtube Channel of Esteban.

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